August 15, 2010

Brand Recommendation Index (BRI) Identifies Brands Most Recommended by Sales Staff Provides Insight Into Leading Influence on Purchase Behaviour

Word-of-mouth recommendations have long been recognized as the “holy grail” of marketing success for any product or service. Through the launch of the newly created Brand Recommendation Index(BRI), marketers now have insight into which brands are most recommended – as well as why and how – across a variety of consumer categories.

In addition to providing an overall ranking of both positively and negatively recommended brands, BRI, also creates a score that marketers can use to compare against other brands in the same category.

The Mobile Phone segment is the initial focus of what will be quarterly reports examining a variety of industries. Leading the Helion Brand Recommendation Index of the 3 most recommended mobile phone brands in Scandinavia, are HTC, followed by Nokia and the Apple Iphone. HTC brands are mostly recommended for price and innovation, where Apple is mainly recommended as the best quality product..

Unlike previous metrics that only ask consumers “Would you recommend this brand?,” the Brand Recommendation Index evolves the measurement to determine why, where and how often SalesStaff recommend individual brands as well as how each brand compares to the overall category.

“The recommendation of a friend, family member or sales person is the number-one reason consumers buy in almost every category,”  “Marketers who understand where and how their category is talked about and recommended – and how their brand stacks up – gain clear competitive advantage.”

The study identifies the top elements or characteristics that sales people use when making a positive or negative recommendation for mobile phones.

“The Brand Recommendation Index looks not just at how Sales People talk, but at their actions,” noted Ernst Aben, Managing Partner. “We wanted to move from the hypothetical to the actual. The potential implications for brands are significant.”

Brand Recommendation Index Results

The Recommendation Index represents the proportion of positive to negative recommendations and is calculated based on the brands most often talked about positively and negatively in the specific category. It is a single score that provides a brand with a method for benchmarking how it is being recommended in relation to specific competitors and within the overall industry.