Ernst Recommendations

Recommendations by:

“Working with Ernst has been a tremendously successful partnership. He has an indepth, expert knowledge, and was able to steer the project through first-hand proven ideas. I particularly admire his ability to see through the corporate ‘speak’ and drill down to the basics, and identify the true problem areas that need addressing. I highly recommend Ernst and his team at Helion Research!”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Ruth Callaghan
hired Ernst as a Business Consultant for Shurgard

“Ernst has a down to earth, result focused and pragmatic approach that allows him to define solutions from a different yet impact full angle. He understands very well the dynamics of corporate life and their continuously developing needs. Ernst brings real value into companies and helps them to develop a vision which really supports their customers.” 

Filip Geuens , Managing Partner , Business Aligner
was with another company when working with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“I had the pleasure of working with Ernst at Bare International. His exceptional work ethic and industry knowledge is exemplary. Ernst is an impressive leader with a focus on measuring successes and strategic planning. He managed multiple million dollar projects in both the US and International offices and successfully achieved milestones, ensuring projects complied with all cost and scope specifications. Ernst has extraordinary interpersonal skills with a focus on providing a world-class customer service experience to his colleagues and clientele. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” 

Shaine Hobdy , Director of Operations – Hospitality , Bare Associates International
worked directly with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“Ernst Aben’s work ethic and customer service skills were exceptional. He always went the extra mile to ensure the customer was taken care of. In addition his integrity was impeccable and I would gladly work with him again.” 

Susan Perrin , Director of Operations – SERVICEScope , UniFocus
worked with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“When working with Ernst in an unconvential application of Mystery Shopping tactics, I appreciated his openness and expertise. We came to great results thanks to his willingness to understand my business challenges and to apply his knowledge of Mystery Shopping to these challenges. We applied Mystery Shopping to better understand and fight software piracy at PC shops and came to great results: lower piracy rates and increased revenue, whilst even increasing satisfaction rates of our resellers and business partners.” 

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Patrick Viaene
hired Ernst as a Mystery Shopping provider starting in 2003 , and hired Ernst more than once

“What Ernst brings to a partnership is above and beyond a simple client-supplier relationship. Ernst has a wealth of knowledge on how to deliver the best and most creative operational programs that uncover true service experiences. He seems to have this incredible ability to get the same quality of results whether that be collecting data in his own town of Antwerp or markets such as Chad and Libya! Yes, it’s true. Running large-scale and sophisticated research and mystery shopping projects means delivering consistency throughout, and also requires a partnership of trust and transparency. This is what Ernst delivers in his business relationships and I would highly recommend a partnership for your business.” 

Jane Edwards-Hall , Managing Director, Mystery Customer Research , Research International
was with another company when working with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“I have worked for Ernst for six years. He’s the best boss I ever had. He is always looking for improvement, can think out of the box which often results in brilliant idea’s that can make a difference. He really is an authority in the world of mystery shopping and has a clear view on what mystery shopping is and how it should evolve.” 

Kim Meulenbroeckx , Senior Project Manager , Bare Associates International
reported to Ernst at Bare Associates International

“I started working with Bare International in 2007 with Ernst as managing director and was positively impressed by the progressive, professional but human attitude towards everyone, including me as a contracting editor and my supervisors. Even thought I did not report directly to Ernst, he was always suggestive of being having an open door for all kind of issues, whenever needed. Beyond that, payments arrived always in time, without any delay. I recommend him without any reservation as a person, colleague or partner.” 

Szabolcs Lami , Online Editor , Bare International
worked indirectly for Ernst at Bare Associates International

“Ernst served as a member of the MSPA Europe board in the period 2006 to 2009, as Director of Ethics & Standards. During his service on the board Ernst undertook special responsibility for the development of the MSPA Ethics & Standards and cooperation with other associations regarding the guidelines in Mystery Shopping. MSPA thanks Ernst for his contribution to the Mystery Shopping industry and to the Association the last couple of years.” 

Nikky Alkemade , Excutive Director , Mystery Shopping Providers Association
was with another company when working with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“We engaged Bare International to carry out a worldwide Mystery Shopping Program whilst Ernst was MD of their European Operation. He took a personal involvement in establishing the relationship and getting things started and made sure his team followed through on delivering results.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value

Stuart Smyth
hired Ernst as a Buisness Service provider (Mystery Shopping) in 2007 , and hired Ernst more than once

“Ernst is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise & MR in general, and particularly so in terms of finding both creative & practical solutions for challenging programmes. Always adopts a partnership approach to business and looks to apply innovation wherever possible.” 

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Oli Bailey
hired Ernst as a Market Research services strarting in 2002

“I know Ernst Aben from in the late nineties when he was starting up Bare Associates in Belgium . It always amazed me how he was able to develop this mystery shop company within a few years to its current proportions. The paper reporting and communications by phone and fax were changed by him to extremely efficient online applications. The small home office evolved into today’s modern infrastructure with motivated employees in every corner of the world. It is thanks to Ernst that Bare International works now worldwide. His very extensive network together with his efficiency and enthusiasm, his thorough knowledge of internet and communication technologies gives him all advantages for doing business worldwide..” 

Dirk Van Rompuy , Consultant , Dirk Van Rompuy
reported to Ernst at Bare Associates International

“I have know Ernst for many year smow. I had a chance to work with him and found him experienced professional in the field of Mystery Shopping and Customer Service. A detail oriented person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in time. Smart, motivated with good sense of humor and has natural ability to manage people. I am glad to make a recommendation for him.” 9

Aftab Anwar , CEO , startex marketing services
was with another company when working with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“I have known Ernst for several years and have found him to be thoroughly professional at all times and a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ernst Aben.” 

Joan Isherwood , Director , Mystery Outsource Limited
was with another company when working with Ernst at Bare Associates International

“I had the pleasure of working with Ernst Aben while he was with BARE. I particulary appreciated the clarity of explanations and the highly professional approach. He continously showed a profound interest in what he was doing, on this, on every single project. Very motivating indeed!” 

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Frederique Bajer
hired Ernst as a Service Provider


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